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Systems for Remote Video Inspection
Tip application
Handheld Video Borescope Inspection DeviceHandheld DVR Borescope Inspection from only $9430.     Call 602-412-3414 for solutions. Compact and weighs only 2.97 lbs, Fully integrated with a Digital Video Recorder to take Borescope video and photos, "CCD chip in the tip" design starting at ; 4mm, 5mm, 6mm and 8mm Borescope diameters from 1.5 meter to 7.5 Meters in length; No Extra cables for lighting and power; Superbright LED 6500K White light.
CCD Video Borescope systemsCCD Video Borescope Camera Probes from $5460.     Rugged, tungsten braid durable remote flexible video borescope with digital Sony CCD "chip in the tip" design; 4mm, 6mm and 8mm diameters from 1 meter to 15 Meters in length; several display options; metal halide bright white lighting
PT6 InspectionECONOMY VIDEO Borescope    Offering Video users a small diameter video unit designed for an economical solution to inspect gas turbine engines, piping, structural elements and other many other critical industrial applications. Call (602) 412-3414 to discuss your boroscope application today.
Flexible Fiber Optic BoroscopesFIBER OPTIC BORESCOPE From $2850.    High quality, glass borosilica fiber borescope, diameters from 2.4mm (0.094") to 8mm (0.318"); lengths from 0.4 Meters (1.3 ft.) to 6.0 Meters (19.7 Ft.); 2-way and 4-way articulation; tungsten braid; side view prisms; metal halide bright lighting; video systems are optionally available
Accessories for Visual InspectionApplications    Some of the interesting applications used in film production.
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